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For Pizza Store Owners

It isn’t just ordinary dough. It takes a dough company with experience in the pizza business to know what makes a great crust.

Imperial Dough Company has been servicing the pizza industry for 30 years, and we have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make the pizza experience special.

When you use any of our products - traditional, specialty, thick or thin – the quality will always remain.

Frozen Dough Balls

Our product is individually wrapped and shipped fresh according to our customers’ strict specifications. Each order is produced specifically for the customer’s needs in relation to quantity, timing and even recipe in certain instances.

Our standard sizes of dough ball provide enough variety for any pizza store. We do, however provide customized sizes to some of our volume customers. We would be glad to discuss a customized program with your distributor.

Par-baked shells

Perhaps one of the fastest growing segments of our business, the demand for a quality, great tasting par-baked shell has become even more important. At Imperial Dough Company, we have spent years perfecting a system that produces a shell that doesn’t compromise any our strict specifications regarding taste, texture and freshness. We are very confident that when you try our par-baked shell for the first time, you’ll see a difference from your current shell supplier.

Best of all, our commitment to customizing programs to meet your needs is just as prominent in our par-baked product line. We offer a variety of sizes and recipes that will allow you to enhance – and expand your product offering and revenue.

We are committed to our partnerships, and are prepared to provide training and support to your distributor to ensure an easy transition to Imperial Dough products. We will even send a representative to speak with your employees to answer any questions about preparing and proofing our dough. As any of your customers will tell you, It takes a great crust to make a great pizza!

Ask your distributor about the Imperial Dough Company Pizza program. If they don’t carry it, ask them to contact us.

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