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With 30 years experience in owned and operated pizza stores, we have a good understanding of the issues faced by your customer on a daily basis. Our company, Imperial Dough Company brings a quality product to you that just may change your customer’s business. All too often, the crust is treated as an afterthought, and not as the foundation of a superior pizza. Chances are you’ve heard some less than favorable feedback from your customers about some of the dough product available to you currently. We offer a very attractive quality alternative that will make your customers happy and increase business for you.

We have dedicated a number of years to sorting out issues and creating the solutions that will provide you with consistent, high quality frozen dough balls, par-baked shells and bread bowls. We can offer traditional crust as well as thick and chewy, in addition to some very popular varieties such as whole grain and our specialty three-season crust flavored with basil, garlic and romano cheese. This variety of products will allow you to increase your product line, and provide opportunities to sell more products to each of your customers.

With these attributes working for your business, we can provide a complete pizza program to help you achieve the sort of profitability every distributor seeks.

Best of all, Imperial Dough Company can customize a program to fit your needs. We work closely with you to establish size of order, production schedule and delivery details. We’ll even work with you to develop new products and recipes that fit the needs of specific customers.

To learn more about how we can customize a program for you, or to order samples of our product please call us at 724-695-3625.

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