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Are you tired of ordinary pizza crusts that have little flavor and add nothing to the pizza experience? At Imperial Dough Company, we produce a quality product that makes a crust that is more than an afterthought. As any pizza lover knows, it takes a great crust to make a great pizza!

Who we are

We have been serving the needs of one of America’s largest industries – Pizza, for thirty years. In fact, our history includes years of owning and operating pizza stores, so we understand the business from all levels. Our frozen dough balls and par-baked pizza shells offer a great tasting product at a competitive price to pizza stores, distributors and retail outlets. Our exclusive recipe has performed extremely well in taste tests and demonstrations, and we are confident you will see the difference too.

What we can do for you

By offering a better product to your customers, you may see an increase in demand, making your business more profitable while building a loyal customer base. In addition, Imperial Dough Company offers several varieties of crusts in terms of texture and flavor, but in every instance our products retain the consistency and quality our customers have come to expect. We provide customized programs for our customers that fit their business’ needs. We’ll structure a program that offers flexibility in product size, packaging, manufacturing schedule and other issues that work to your advantage.

Can we customize a dough program to help your business?

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